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Well said, it has been nuts with CostPlusDrugs, just listened to a podcast episode with Cuban yesterday and he mentioned that he owns majority of the business and spend 70% of his time on that business. Putting his name on it was the only business he's ever done that for because it made the suppliers take it seriously out of the gate, super smart strategic move.

Then watching Billions at night, a cameo from Cuban on the most recent season, the scene was "why'd you have me come to the office, this could have been done over a call, I've gotta go work on CostPlusDrugs where we're actually saving people money blah blah blah". Like Billions running a legit ad in scene in exchange for him to come on the show. It's insane. He's on a hug podcast media tour now to talk about it. It's insanely smart, but as you said, nothing new from PillPack and Amazon's online pharmacy now as well.

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