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Sounds like the term "tip" is one to avoid across the board then... Andra booking plane flights via Hopper this past weekend resulted in the software asking for a tip in-fact. Between that and 20–25% becoming the new minimum listed on the software, along with being prompted before the service (if any) is even completed nowadays, can we not call it a tip anymore and something else? Like a donation maybe? 😅

On the actual note of tips from founders to other founders, Jensen Huang had a great tip for himself if he could go back to before starting Nvidia, and it was to never start it 😅 https://youtu.be/y6NfxiemvHg such a good interview (can't find the teaser for it, but recommended listening).

To that point, what's a tip for me versus "what's something you'd tell your past self" is a better way to pull that type of answer from someone, although it's not likely to be all that useful for the one asking, albeit maybe entertaining 😁

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